Jacqueline L. Jeske

Jacqueline L. Jeske


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Jacqueline L. Jeske, Attorney at Law

When legal matters need to be resolved quickly and effectively, attorneys trust Jacqueline Jeske’s professional mediation, arbitration and settlement conference services. As a neutral expert,  Jeske has the legal expertise, even handed approach, and problem-solving skills to help participants reach a mutually agreeable solution in a private and confidential setting.

If participants are unable to resolve their case by agreement, they can agree to convert their mediation to arbitration and obtain a decision in a more humane process than litigation.

Credentials and Career

Jacqueline Jeske has served the public of King and Snohomish counties for more than 30 years. By acting as a public defender, prosecutor, private attorney,  and judicial officer, she’s viewed most legal matters from every perspective.